my first week at my new job!


Monday – first day of work; it felt strange that I was on Bart; I haven’t ridden the train to go to work since 2003!! I already can tell that I will like it at kids turn on my first day; people are nice; their passion and dedication in helping kids and families are amazing and all I can think of is how blessed and lucky I am to land a job at kids turn.

Tuesday – as soon as I got off the train and walked to my building, I feel great about being one of these people rushing to work; women and men all dressed up professionally; most with their iPods headsets on; most stop by to get coffee; Montgomery station where I get off has peet’s coffee inside the station- how great that is!!!  And I received flowers from Lee!!! I love Lee! 

Wednesday – my morning ride: there’s this girl who looks like she’s on her final trimester of pregnancy, was standing as all seats are taken, and I looked around and men were either pretending she doesn’t exist, some pretend that they are asleep and so I asked myself where are all the gentlemen go? As I was wondering there was a young girl who got up and offered her seat; u should have gotten up and did the same instead of looking for a gentleman!  On my lunch break, we had staff lunch for the guy I am replacing with; went to henry’s Hunan at natoma street. I thought food and place are good.


Thursday – on my way home, at the station, there was this girl on the phone so loud and cursing; then there is this strange looking guy who I thought was talking to himself! Then I quicky realized it’s San francisco!!!not only it’s the world capital for homelessness but also the most diverse city in the world, not just the ethnicity, sexuality but I think mentally too!  Surprise, surprise, surprise!  Tish, a board member in my old workplace came to my work and delivered this beautiful orchid arrangement!  I will just take the face value of the gesture. 

Friday – Clif was off so he took me to bart; I am still loving my job!  I am very excited about the launch party and fundraising event – all the behind the scenes to make these events successful are my responsibility!  after work, Clif and Francesca picked me up from work and we had dinner at fuzio and watch slumdog millionaire at embarcadero; reviews to follow.

Looking forward to my second week – and it will only be a 3-day work week; as Monday is a holiday for president’s day and Friday is my first Friday off!!!


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