a trip to an asian store is a TRIP!


it’s super amazing how this pacific super asian market has all these items that we have in the philippines! just look at all these junk food I grew up with! the sitsiryas 🙂 



they even have milo and ovaltine! back home, it’s a status symbol if you can afford these! 


hahhaha! i still remember this bucket of cookies! as far as i remember they always serve this in wakes and funerals! 


omg, they even have durian!


okay, i just laughed so hard when i saw this walis tambo and walis tingting! omfg!!! 


I was looking for the “tabo” and guess what? they are sold out hahahhahaha! so the next time you go philippines, don’t bother to bring any pasalubongs and go into all those troubles, just go to your nearest asian market and buy all your pasalubongs there! just make sure you take off the dollar sticker price 😉 

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