buddha – by villavilla on Polyvore.com

I love Buddha – i am not buddhist; truthfully, i am still naive about buddha’s teachings… but i love to be surrounded by buddha’s images… so here are my buddhas in my home: 

img_0526this is one of my most favorites; it’s my chill buddha 

img_0527the original painting of buddha is by our friend Jitendra who lives in India; this is his wedding gift to us!!! that’s very priceless!


these are my yin and yang buddhas – sitting by francesca’s piano

img_0531this is by the entry door; it’s my guard buddha 🙂

img_0532this is hang by the foyer – he sets the buddha “ambiance” inside our home

img_0543she’s my laundry buddha – as she sits by the laundry room 🙂 


this is my “bitchy buddha hahahha – don’t mess with her!img_0545this is my momo buddha – as she sits by the staircase where momo always sits and waits for someone to bring her out… 
this and the previous ones are gift from my sistah mich – she got them in bangkok

img_0541my buddha book that was given to me by Francesca – who thinks i am obsessed with Buddha! 




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  1. Hi I love the impression of Buddha you might like to check out my blog and look at the mixed media I create in Australia also I have Buddha,Birds and Babes on facebook if you are interested in seeing more work LOve and Light Barbara-Jane Long from Queensland Australia

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