Efren Penaflorida… my hero!


EFREN PENAFLORIDA and his mission, accomplishment, passion, dedication, perseverance, heart and soul have touched my heart very deeply.  He is being nominated as one of CNN Heroes for 2009 and he truly deserves it!  My daughter and I have launched Project Pearls last year – compare to his mission, ours is very small but i can proudly say that our goal is the same: to help the less fortunate, the very poor kids in the philippines in getting an education.  I will make it my mission also to help Efren and his organization, Dynamic Teen Company.


Click here to see CNN’s video about my hero!


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  1. Actually, he is my hero too. When I saw him on TV, I was frozen for a moment. Never thought kids and teens could think and do just what they are doing, and all because they were inspired and trained by Efren. He’s an ordinary guy with an exceptionally big heart and an extraordinary mission. I believe his solution to educate the slum kids and street children in the Philippines and have them love learning, as he says, will go a long way if supported by the government of the Philippines.

    I truly admire Efren. He is definitely one in a million or perhaps in a billion.

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