Our Story


(left to right: Desiree, Luz, Tina)

This is their home located in a slum area 😦
Back in the Philippines, I have a childhood friend named Tina who is deaf and mute. Tina was my “sidekick”. She belongs to a very poor family and never attended school. When she was 15, she had a daughter out of rape 😦 and after several years, she had another daughter, unfortunately out of wedlock. Tina’s oldest daughter, Desiree, is now 14 years old and because Tina cannot afford to send her to school, Desiree stopped going to school for several years. Good news is that she is back in school but the bad news is that at 14, she is only in 4th grade. Her second daughter, Luz is 7 years old and is attending 2nd grade. To support her daughters, Tina washes clothes (by hand) for a living. Although they are attending public school, they need money for food, fare, uniform, shoes, school supplies, school projects, school field trips, etc.


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