i hate LAX!


last sunday, we flex back home from LAX (los angeles airport) to San Francisco and the experience at the security check was the most aggravating ever!!! there was a long line, i mean looooooooooooooooooooooooong line… i don’t mind the extra security but there must be something wrong and very inefficient with their system there! it’s so long that it starts from outside the building and there were so much confusion as people don’t know if that long line is just for a certain airline; passengers would go inside to check in, get their boarding passes, bring their checked in baggages to the x-ray section, then you would go out of the building again and find the start of the long line to security check!!!  there’s some danger too, as people are in line on the sidewalk, more confused people are looking for the start of the line off the sidewalk while cars are unloading passengers on the same sidewalk, just insane!!! INSANE!!! if given a choice, i will never fly from and to LAX!!! 




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