mother’s day/birthday celebration


for lunch, i cooked orange-ginger salmon, diet coke shrimps and roasted garlic crabs and clif made strawberry short cake for dessert…

IMG_0857orange-ginger salmon (paulinne’s favorite) from the oven… 

IMG_0860to a platter with my ambiance… 

IMG_0858diet coke shrimp (boiled in diet coke,then sauteed in butter and garlic) from the skillet…

IMG_0868with ambiance 🙂

IMG_0859roasted garlic crabs from the oven…

IMG_0869in my red dutch oven (cast iron cooking pot)

DSC06983IMG_0856IMG_0870IMG_0872DSC07000my birthday cake from oji, nini, pam, paulinne and jomel

IMG_0863roasted chesnuts that i broiled from scratch… 


hahhaha – i cheated, this is the original packaging of the roasted chestnuts 


sharing my birthday cake with momo who is having a birthday on the 15th of May 🙂

DSC07010DSC07018clif got me a dooney & burke giraffe print purse! i love!

DSC07023chi got me a monet collector’s sea shell box


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