random pics i took out of curiosity and boredom 🙂

IMG_0896i am not sure who is cuter, the guy or the dog 🙂 ! and i thought momo is spoiled!

IMG_0932coffins anyone? wtf, costco sells coffins! it is so morbid and the display is by the exit,
so people always see them and get reminded of their morality!

IMG_0933i’ve never seen so many fishermen along this pacifica beach shore; usually, they are all by the pier!

IMG_0936this is the most strange thing! we can’t figure out if it’s from a bird fight or some bigger bird ate a couple of pigeons! so bizarre!

IMG_0999pepsi natural! what is that all about?

IMG_0002always no fun to cross bay bridge! traffic is always aggravating!

IMG_0003omg, one of francesca’s friends has this 10 and 1/2 shoe size! my foot looks like a midget’s inside his tsinelas 🙂


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