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here’s mine:


my heart goes to the people in iran who are fighting for, risking their lives for, getting injured for, getting killed for DEMOCRACY in IRAN!  I’ve seen this video of this young woman (named neda) who was protesting with her father and got shot in the heart and bled to death – the video was so graphic and disturbing… Neda – may you rest in peace, you will be forever remembered; you will be one of the most significant symbol of this historic fight for democracy… you and your father and family will be in my prayers.

as reported on cnn: “Amid the hundreds of images and videos of Saturday’s brutal crackdown on protesters in Iran that flooded the Internet, it was the graphic video showing the death of a young woman that touched a nerve among those following the events in Tehran for more than a week.”

you can see neda’s story on youtube…


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    if you are interested




    you can do some of this.

    because “They” can’t club you to death

    if u r not there, in Iran. If they can’t protest

    in Iran, we can pick up their Ball

    and carry on their protest from the outside.

    and Keep the pressure on BIG TIME.

    and, if you do something, even if it is only

    a little bit, it will help you feel less

    helpless; less upset, and a tiny bit calmer.

    and maybe you will meet a few compatriots.

    V V Iran —- Remember Neda

    every teeny tiny litte bit will help.

    Let’s Us work together to keep the Pressure on.

    There are broken and Battered Youngsters who are

    hanging on by a thread in Iran and depending upon you to

    hold on to the other end of that thread…..

    save a life in Iran, do something, even if it is small



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