michael jackson died today :,(


where were you when you learned michael jackson died?

i was at a home decor store at polk street when i received a text message from francesca telling me he died! i was stunned!  driving home, listening to the radio, every single station were playing his songs… then i started to feel very sad and started crying… it just hit me how he and his songs affect my life… i remember back in grade school, sorting through all those long playing albums of Jackson Five, deciding which to play; i remember looking forward to after school and meeting with childhood friends to watch thriller video on mtv; everyone has a crush on him; i thought he was the sexiest guy the way he moves, dances, sings… then comes all these great songs that everyone of us are guilty of singing along to them: billy jean, pyt, beat it, rock with you, human nature, bad, man in the mirror, smooth criminal and many, many more…

one of my most favorites is “you are not alone” – that song, as corny as it may sound, helped me through my homesickness when i first got here in the u.s.; it’s the same song that i “sing” and dedicated to my brother who i left in the philippines;  i mentally sing this song when we were missing each other…

so when i heard this song while driving home, i just lost it!

rest in peace and thank you for every song you sung… love and peace!


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    • hello snow! actually, i always visit your blog, almost daily as i have it bookmarked… yeah buraot is so nakakaaliw and i am honored to influence his clever mind.

      Peace 🙂

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