angge could have been…


… celebrating her 47th birthday today, june 30th

… here vacationing

… here retired and living

… cooking her delicious mechado

… plucking her kili-kili hair

… flossing her teeth endlessly

… smoking

… babysitting someone’s kids

… laughing hysterically with my corny jokes

… cleaning and organizing someone’s place

… bonding with other sistahs, cousins

… shopping for pasalubongs for friends

… emailing and asking me for family updates

… with us, living and loving life

but she’s been gone for three years now… i miss her terribly …

a couple of days before her birthday, as i got out of the door to walk momo, there was this small, white, almost pure white butterfly that flew right in front of me and immediately, i said “hi angge! ; it landed on this plant by our door; i ran immediately inside the house to get the camera… i’ve never seen a butterfly that white… here are the pics… i love you sis! i can see how big your smile is right now!



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  1. how could we forget someone as beautiful as angge…. i will never ever forget her…. i love you ngek!!!!!

    melissa, we offered mass for angge last 30 june here in the office…. i know that she’s happy now up there,,, smiling at us…. miss you and miss HER too terribly….

    love you sis….

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