what i did this past weekend…


i cooked, i baked…

IMG_1100i made this coffee cake from scratch… beautiful and delicious! well, actually from a box 🙂

IMG_1095i love barefoot contessa’s ready mix cakes! so easy to follow and their delicious!
IMG_1102i made kobe burgers with provolone cheese for lunch yesterday; it’s great! well, the burgers are store-bought and already cooked 🙂
IMG_1099from costco – their worth buying it!
IMG_1108this i really made from scratch: halibut en papillout aka halibut fish in parchment paper.  clif said this is the best dish i ever prepared! 🙂 i just drizzle the halibut with orange juice, put oranges, capers, salt and pepper, and the halibut is sitting on top of onions and lettuce…
IMG_1110wrapped in parchment paper…
IMG_1114the finish product 🙂

store-bought, from scratch, whatever it is, i always “ambiance” the food 🙂


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