“where do you want to eat?”


whenever you ask francesca that, without thinking or blinking, she would say “isobune”… this is her favorite restaurant since she’s five years old or even younger… when she was a kid, mcdonald’s happy meal is not even an option for her; she always wants her tamago, crab salad kani and miso soup… now at almost 18, she still has the same response: ISOBUNE!


the sushi boat by the bar


what i had: shrimp tempura in a california roll

IMG_1125chi’s plates after she chowed down the tamago, crab salad and california roll

IMG_1130oh did i mention that it’s a must that we go and get a scoop of chocolate ice cream at baskin and robbins after isobune? she is certainly an expensive kid to raise! i am glad i only have one! this is just one of the “family traditions” she knows, loves and lives by it – isobune and baskin and robbins at burlingame!


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