home tour…


we may, hopefully, able to purchase a home this year; we’ve been renting our place for almost five years now and i’ve been wanting to get my own house where i could paint, decorate and apply my ambiance effects 🙂 without worrying about rules and contracts!

i love and proud of our home right now so i took pictures so i can remember the look and feel of our home, just in case we have to leave this one.


IMG_1311living room… i love that antique plantation chair! it’s been our house in caloocan for years and i really found a way to bring it here!

IMG_1315IMG_1317dining room… i always make a point that there is an element of something from the philippines in every room; the table runner is from baguio and the fruit tray is also handcrafted in the philippines…

IMG_1313chi’s piano corner…

IMG_1314hallway… with santo nino and our wedding pictures; we bought those two antique wooden chairs somewhere in manila; i love that antique religious art piece in the right top corner; got it from an antique vendor in greenhills.

IMG_1318i just need to show this – that wooden statue, if not mistaken is called the fertility goddess; i got it from a handicraft store in quiapo…

IMG_1319powder room – i decorated it with shells i got from boracay and cebu… of course it needs a sarong for ambiance 🙂

IMG_1323the stair case! that capiz window is from our ancestral home!!! i love love love it!

IMG_1321the foyer…

IMG_1324IMG_1325kitchen with my red appliances 🙂

IMG_1327upstairs hallway…

IMG_1329upstairs deck that we seldom use because it’s always freezing in pacifica!

i didn’t take any pictures yet of our bedrooms – they are a mess!


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