taste test…


i am catering my own party on 080809 so i have been cooking, baking and experimenting…

my version of new orleans bread pudding with whiskey bourbon sauce:



the final product… the review? clif said that the bourbon sauce is very good but the bread pudding seems soggy but the taste is good; i think i soaked the bread too long! oh wells!


next, cheesecake pops!

IMG_1412well, i didn’t really make the cheesecake ๐Ÿ™‚ i bought a frozen one at trader joe’s, thawed it and scooped into balls, insert the lollipop sticks then I melted dark chocolate in microwave ย and dipped these pops.

IMG_1417i individually wrapped them and kept them in the freezer… the review? kids love it and i love it too!

IMG_1418everyone’s favorite! i called them recession rumaki – it’s chicken apple sausage wrapped in bacon tossed in brown sugar with cayenne pepper then oven roasted; for the rich and famous, they use scallops and prosciutto but since it’s recession, i use chicken sausage and bacon.

next is crab fritters…

IMG_1437IMG_1438IMG_1439IMG_1440it’s a mixture of real crab meat, creme fraiche, cream cheese, grated onion, bread crumbs; then rolled into balls, deep fried… served in bed of veggies and with thousand island sauce… the reviews: from very good to just good… my own review? i love it!!! but i think next time, i won’t use italian bread crumbs, i will just use plain…


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  1. Hi,

    The pictures look sooooooo yummylicious, am pretty sure the pics do justice with the taste.

    Are you selling them? We will have an October FoodFest in Monte Vista Subd. Marikina and we are inviting all those “Chef’s at Heart” those undiscovered talents inside their homes and would like to showcase their foodies and who knows some Hotels, restaurants and foodchains would like to sub-con your goodies.

    You may email me if you want to participate in our event and you may invite your friends & relatives.

    Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Baby Doll

    • Thanks Baby Doll! I would love to join! Sounds like a great venue for chefs at heart ๐Ÿ™‚ the problem is I am in San Francisco, California! Are you organizaing this event? My brother who lives there does catering every now and then; how can he join? Is there a fee?

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