a busy and emotional day…


francesca moved in to her college dorm today!

we invited her bff, celestine and parents, and bernie and parents for breakfast at home – both celestine and bernie are also going to sjsu; celestine is chichai’s roommate!  i cooked smoked salmon frittata, roasted baby potatoes with rosemary, peppered bacon, chix in a blanket… as one of the moms said, my food is sosyal 🙂 … i think they were expecting the typical pinoy breakfast like tapsilog and all other silogs…


here’s francesca, celestine and bernie at their dorm…


francesca trying to look like a cool college kid…


then we all went to lunch and had my most terrible, worst meal in my life at home buffet! omg! i will never set foot again at that place!

even their fruit is horrible!


the tea is the worst ever!


back to campus…


funny sign at the campus


mommy moment 🙂 … francesca holding a picture of us that i made her (without a choice) put on her board  🙂


i tried so hard not to be emotional in front of her as i want to send her off happy and on a positive mood… but getting home and going to her bedroom and seeing it empty is a totally different story :,(


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