empty nesters


the empty nesters with the college kids…

the moms and the dads with our daughters…

What is empty nest syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome is the feeling of loss or sadness when children leave home to attend school for the first time or when the child has graduated and goes away to college.

If the mother is the primary caregiver for her child, she often experiences a sense of loss of worthiness. Missing the involvement in her child’s everyday activities, a mother may have a temporary identity crisis.

These feelings, if not addressed, can lead to depression and anxiety. Unaccountable tears and emotionalism after a child has left, are some of the signs of empty nest syndrome.

Personally, I would have unaccountable tears every now and then… my francesca went through a lot of changes in her life in the last eight years and some of the  changes were painful and still painful… that is why even if she’s only an hour away from home, i feel she’s so far away; i feel that i always need to be very close to her to protect her from further hurt… but as great and tough as she is, she is doing great in life! oh no, here comes the unaccountable tears…


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  1. I know the feelings right Melissa, but you have to accept that our kids are our extension to the other world. The way you raised them will surely reflect you as a mother therefore, If you raise them well your kids action, decision making and judgement will be based on what is right and just. It will take a while to accept the fact that our kids are growing up just bear in mind that our decision to let them go is for their good and advancement. After 4 to 5 years of college/university and they have finished their education, you get back and read your blog and laugh at it and tell yourself…geez I survived years without my kid at home, emptiness hurts especially when you’re used to her noise and winging. Cheer up Melissa, thank God that you have raised a wonderful daughter and that she decided to leave you temporarily for something meaningful…a college education.

    Always smile Melissa,


    • Christine! Thank you for you words of advise! I truly appreciate it! Buti ka pa ang dami mong anak 🙂 ! Anyway, I am interested with the franchise of your pharmacy; thinking of putting up a business for my family diyan; they live in caloocan; i have to check pa from other family members who can help finance it, i can’t do it alone 🙂 !

      Stay in touch..

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