9/11 with our private first class officer!


How cool and how american it is to be at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego on 9/11 attending Adrian’s (Adi) Marine Corps Boot Camp graduation. We are so proud of our Adi – he’s the very first in the family to join the U.S. Military!


This is his platoon 3250!  Adi is on the first row, second from right.

DSC09268isn’t he handsome?! he got darker but he looks great with his “new” color and improved posture!

DSC09261DSC09262so nice to see him smile and laugh as he was too serious at first!  we thought he lost his silliness that we all love!

DSC09263with the crying aunties 🙂 ! we were just so full of joy and pride for our adi that we just all cried!

DSC09266with his cousins who tried to make him smile but failed 🙂

DSC09286with adi’s favorite cousins, aunties and uncles, brother, mom & step dad at a japanese restaurant celebrating adi’s graduation

IMG_1882_2he’s blind without his glasses!

IMG_1875francesca clowning around of course! she truly missed her adidong!

IMG_1877IMG_1878family “drilling” adi 🙂

DSC09278it’s so heartwarming to see how arlo and adi so happy! it’s so apparent their love, respect and admiration for each other…

DSC09326katrina and francesca trying to have the “marine corps” look! funny!

DSC09311adi, leanne, paulinne


leanne trying to carry adi’s 60 pounder bag! crazy woman! hahahha!

DSC09363crazy kids!


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