more family fun in l.a.


thanks to myra, butch and leanne for hosting us!

IMG_1826at rodeo drive… hahhaha joji was trying to smile like the girls!

IMG_1827_2i see white people! 🙂

IMG_1838paulinne bought a yellow ferrari to match her yellow purse 🙂

IMG_1840frustrated model!

IMG_1857_2my foot on johnny depp’s foot print on hollywood blvd! yay!

IMG_1860_2a black michael jackson impersonator! we didn’t find the white version 🙂

DSC09217the pretty crazies minus pam 😦

DSC09226the ever so sweet couple!

DSC09236feeling tourist at kodak theater!

IMG_1886mi esposo 🙂 isn’t he gorgeous?!

DSC09336joji and oji – partners in crime!

DSC09317mich and luie… looks like they are waiting for customers!

DSC09330smoking of course!


nanay on the fireplace mantle; she still parties with us 🙂

DSC09332DSC09334with my sistahs! they’re all wearing my long summer dresses except for mich who looks like our mamasan with her short dress 🙂

DSC09335what’s a family party without mahjong?!


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