part II: 3 birthdays and a Marine


615the birthday celebrants: joji, claude, jeff…were they blowing or kissing the candles? wth? hahahaha 🙂

DSC09425DSC09423DSC09426the celebrants with their spouses getting too excited!  get a room joji and byrn! hahaha!

617DSC09437and our own officer and a gentleman! everyone was in awe when he emerged in his uniform!

DSC09453with the very proud mom!

DSC09450and with the proud big brother 🙂

DSC09451the proud mom with her great sons!

DSC09444DSC09447DSC09439DSC09441adi with his favorite four crazies! but of course, francesca is the goofiest!

DSC09445DSC09446with adi’s favorite girl-friend, celestine! doesn’t he look happy! hahhaha! love you celestine!

DSC09467adi with mom and aunties

DSC09459with more aunties and friends

IMG_1994IMG_1997adi with da boys!

DSC09494with mich and kat

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