part III: 3 birthdays and a Marine!


chow time!

IMG_1959IMG_1949IMG_1951DSC09415IMG_1952thanks to ate myra for grilling all afternoon!

5FEoji prepping the spaghetti! it would really be a disaster to have a party without oji!  he always work harder, the hardest than all of us! not just before, during and after the party but it starts on the drawing board! he stresses more than the celebrant about the set-up, the ambiance, the menu, etc. etc.

60Cme? well, i help but i am not as serious as oji! mostly, i just goof around and take the seriousness out of people 🙂

IMG_1963paulinne chowing down that delicious burger that mich prepared and of course, chichai is being crazy!

IMG_1964oh adi stop being cute! ha!

IMG_1965how lovely pam!

IMG_1985wth jomel?!

IMG_1967ay naku si kuya boy aburido na naman sa buhay! wala pa kasi si ate mich! hahhaha!

IMG_1962leanne and my new adopted daughter, bernie 🙂

IMG_2008da lechon after just a few minutes! no more balat!

thanks to andrea foods for the great food!


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