worst migraine, worst timing


i started the day of october 3, my chichai’s birthday with maxalt and ended the day shooting myself with my painkiller injection!  had my worst migraine at the worst timing! i missed half of my chichai’s party! i don’t wish migraine to anyone even to my worst enemies, oh i don’t have enemies, i just have people who hates my guts! ha!

i didn’t even get a chance to take any pictures at all to blog but i will be blogging tomorrow from clif’s pictures…

Proven relief from the pain and nausea of migraine attacks.

MAXALT is a powerful prescription medicine that offers proven relief from migraine pain. MAXALT also helps relieve migraine-associated symptoms of nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. MAXALT does not contain aspirin or caffeine and is not a narcotic.


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  1. ate, very wrong timing nga 😦 , wawa ka naman. antay ako ng antay ng blog mo about chichi. kaya pala wala pa, super migraine ka. pagaling!

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