my baby francesca is now 18!


let me begin by  telling a story how she became “francesca” 🙂 … she was born on october 3 without a name! for some reasons, i didn’t have a name ready for a girl or a boy; so for 24 hours she didn’t have a name! she was baby villa in the nursery 🙂 … the following morning, i just woke up and thought of naming her “francesca” out of nowhere… few years passed, someone asked me if i named francesca because of st. francis; and i said no and wonder why and what’s with st. francis!  st. francis whose  real name was Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, died in October 3, 1226 but the feast day of st. francis is observed every october 4th… i truly believe that my francesca is named by st. francis and his angels 🙂 as she is an angel!

her birthday party theme is japanese!  not a good idea to serve japanese food for more than 50-60 people without a sushi chef!!! we can’t keep up with the sushi and refilling the boats of sashimi! but people were raving about the food… and but of course the ambiance! enjoy the pics… thanks to my dear husband who took all these pictures!

DSC09497on the table are shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki on sticks, mini spam musubi, tamago, gyoza, edamame, tonkatsu

DSC09498the sashimi table; salmon, tuna and yellowtail

DSC09499the dessert table: mango coconut cake as her birthday cake, french macaroons, and other french goodies,  mochi balls aka palitaw hahahha – i just made the palitaw as balls and put them on sticks and calls them mochi balls, ah sosyal!

DSC09546chi about to blow her birthday candles



more to come….


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