“Vote for Efren Penaflorida for CNN Hero of the Year”


I was so elated to learn that my hero, our hero, EFREN PENAFLORIDA is one of the Top Ten CNN Heroes! So please vote, vote, vote for our hero! you could vote as many as you can!

Click here to vote!

On November 26at 9 p.m. ET/PT , CNN’s Anderson Cooper hosts the star-studded gala, which will be seen around the world on the global networks of CNN. The telecast shines a spotlight on the extraordinary accomplishments of the Top 10 CNN Heroes, who were selected by a distinguished Blue Ribbon Panel. Each of this year’s honorees will receive $25,000 in recognition of their work.

The show culminates with the announcement of the 2009 CNN Hero of the Year, who will receive an additional $100,000. Voting to select the Hero of the Year is being conducted through an online poll at CNN.com/Heroes, ending November 19 (6 a.m. ET)


Please read his story here.

Ever since I saw Efren Penaflorida’s story on CNN, I’ve been a huge fan of him and his organization, Dynamic Teen Company; in fact, we have sent two boxes of children’s books and movies to them a few months ago.  Efren’s educational mission and vision for the poor children in the Philippines are very personal for me as I have the same goal – to help in giving a good education to these under privilege kids in the philippines ; I just wish I am living in the Philippines so I could directly help these children too; giving aid, sending donations are not enough for me; I would like to do more hands-on help… but for now, I am trying to start our humble mission with PROJECT PEARLS! – Click here to visit our site to read more about our cause.


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  1. i saw the project pearls. great things u do for a cause. we need more people like who are willing to help out our communities even if it means using our own resources. i know God will bless your efforts.

    the reality that we are in here in the Philippines also prompted us to do the same. we’re very much involved in our communities serving them in ways we can. we call it PASA LOVE.

    U may want to check it out too


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