i survived!


although, i have done several parties where i catered for family and i have planned and coordinated several events for clients, this was my very first event/catering  that I practically did everything from start to finish! I planned the menu, bought all the ingredients, sliced and diced, cooked and baked, did the ambiance. it was very successful i thought, as not only everyone was raving about how wonderful and delicious all the food i prepared and how they were impressed with the tablescape, they were really going back for seconds and thirds! AND nobody got sick! 🙂

here’s the menu:

Fresh Summer Rolls with Peanut Spicy Sauce
(bean sprouts, carrots, mango, cilantro, mint leaves, vermicelli noodles, cucumber wrapped in rice paper rolls; served with peanut spicy sauce)

Vegetable Frittatas served with Croissants
Asparagus, Tomato, Eggs & Fontina Cheese

Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings served with Cilantro Rice

Mac n Cheese with Bread Sticks
Baked Ziti pasta with Gruyère cheese & Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Spinach Salad with parmesan crisp served with Citrus Vinaigrette
Baby Spinach, Almonds, Red Onions, Seedless Grapes

Fresh Fruit Kabobs

IMG_0170IMG_0172IMG_0173IMG_0171IMG_0176IMG_0175IMG_0174IMG_0167of course without oji, none of my events will be successful!

and i love love love this house where we had the event! it’s located in one of the most affluent neighborhood in san francisco where ALL of the houses cost in millions! i love love love all their antique, vintage furniture, decor, how things are placed, arranged, just about everything! it’s just so homey for me! one day… 🙂

IMG_0179IMG_0178IMG_0177IMG_0181this is hysterical! it’s their chalk board in the kitchen! and what is funny about is that the woman who lives there is a priest 🙂


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