todos los santos


seeing names of our departed relatives specially angge and nanay still feels surreal… most of all, i miss my father; i truly wish i have more than 12 years of him!

P1070111P1070116P1070117P1070120P1070139P1070155ninang praying for our departed loved ones…

P1070144P1070145P1070142typical scenes during todos los santos in philippines… i love todos los santos when i was a kid; collecting candle drips and making them into a ball of wax; and it was more fun when i was teenager as todos los santos becomes more of a social event where you see your childhood crushes, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, old friends, neighbors, strange people…

P1070151thanks brothers for these pictures, for arranging those flowers and buying those candles… and most of all, for taking care of ninang, tabs and brix… love you!


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