thank you kenny ortega!


for sharing michael jackson’s last greatest moments while rehearsing for the concert that could have been the greatest of all time!

there have been mixed reviews about the movie and if you are not really a fan who sees the genius, the passion, the dedication, the artist, the humility, the innocence, the kindness, the magic, the humanity in michael jackson, then you won’t really appreciate the movie…


michael is such a genius, a perfectionist with his craft and what is more amazing to me is his humility and kindness to the people who works for him! hey, he was the king of pop and yet there were no temper, tantrums, yelling, prima donna attitudes from him… he definitely has an extra ordinary gift; he sees, he hears, he feels rhythms that nobody can and he can share these rhythms with his words, melody and moves… just amazing! those back-up dancers can dance like him but nobody can ever have that “magic” that only michael jackson had!

and fuck you conrad murray for killing michael… read latest autopsy report here.

thank you my kapamilya again for another great family evening!



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