Stormy week


woke up in d middle of d night on Monday with this loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life; it even felt that the earth shook; it sounded and felt like God was really angry and screaming at all of us! I got so scared and started apologizing and praying to Him!

Wednesday night and we had Internet outage in Pacifica. Blogging via my iPhone. Yes, there’s an app for that 🙂 !

Omg what to do without Internet or 3G?! At times it’s good, very good to be unplugged; I cleaned and reorganized my purse, my carry all bag; I made dinner; I baked cookies; I watched American idol; I am reading my magazines; planning this Saturday brunch for my old (literally old) friends; I worked on our household budget -craming every single cent… Well actually, I could do these all while on my laptop checking emails, blogs, news, facebook, etc. So I guess plugged or unplugged I am still productive and can get things done.

The only difference I think is I will sleep earlier tonight!!!


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