this sickens me..


as filipinos are still rejoicing the wins of pacquiao and efren penaflorida, this grim news came yesterday: massacre in southern philippines! whoever are behind these massacre, i think they are beyond evil! i am lost for words – i can’t describe my disgust and anger towards these vicious, most evil and corrupt politicians who were behind these! the massacre was very calculated and planned! only the evils of all evils can do such crime!

i am lost for words for the loved ones, relatives, friends who are now mourning the deaths of their loved ones…

what’s really at stake here? money and power, plain and simple!

i am not too confident that justice will prevail – sadly, money still talks in the philippines…

and to the evils of evils, while your souls, if you have any, are burning in hell right now, may the horrific massacre haunt you for the rest of your lives!


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