blessed thanksgiving!


thanksgiving luncheon at our home

chi doing her lady gaga pose

the traditional thanksgiving food…

two turkeys!!! one from honeybaked and one from popeye’s

does this one look x-rated or it’s just me 🙂

buto’t balat na lang after rey and paulinne attacked the turkey!!!!

honeybaked ham

pecan pie

clif’s sweet potato casserole with roasted marshmallows! my favorite!

my cheesecake pops with fresh strawberry

my red velvet pops; i dipped them into orange candy coating then sprinkled them with bits of fall-themed candy bits

mini-pumpkin pies i made 🙂 yeah! everything on a stick! i just think it’s more fun to eat!

oh i made these mini mango pies and used a christmas tree cookie cutter

the aftermath…

i don’t know what’s that white circle thing by my ass 🙂 but i just want to show my outfit hahahah with my cowboy boots!

clif, of course washing the dishes…

and we are blessed with a beautiful weather…

our backyard! hahhaha – it’s the golf course behind our apartment building 🙂


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