fail: christmas tree trimming


it could have been fun but not sure if it’s fun but it just shows you can’t have too many queens, too many artists, too many heads and hands in trimming a tree! while the kids were doing their best, the adults were also doing their best… in telling the kids they’re doing it wrong! hahhaha!

hahhaha! chi and kat pretending they’re having so much fun! “fake laughter” as they called it!

“might as well look cute”, chi and pam said

more fake smiles hahahahha

leanne and paulinne, of course just goofing around!

white people (claude and clif) just watching the “fail” hahhaha!

me? i stayed away from the tree too and just busy making my baked brie with cranberry & pecans; served with pears…

francesca expressing how it really is! hahahhah! FAIL!


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