babang luksa


i can’t believe that it has been a year since nanay passed away… family and friends gathered for a mass, food, lots of food!

miss luisa! she’s the good sistah! i love her!

i have to show her red taray shoes!

arlo with the white people hahahha! where is the other white meat? claude? hahahha!

there he is! with nanay-personalized tie!

myra and hmmm i forgot her name yikes 😦

bong and byrn – medyo lasing lasing na!

joji – super lasing na!

mich (size 6 na daw sya hehehehe)  and kat with family friends…

my God children who i love so dearly! yes, that includes you silly paulie!

josh and nikki with some homeless guy! oh oh sorry, that’s tris pala! hahahah

moi with veronica! omg, she’s wearing this red buddha pendant! i love love love! sana sa akin ipamana hahahhaha! hint hint!

with denise

with vincent

icam high school friends! omg oldies but oldies na sila hahaha!

lola nonie with kat and chi

the silly two! always staging their shots!

silly minds think alike! they didn’t even talk but they put the same silly expression! kids!

the partners in crime specially when it comes to boys!

nolo! such a cutie! but don’t be deceive by his size and cuteness, nolo is feisty!

the ilonggos!

meron pang keyboard and sax players pa, sosyal di ba? 🙂

the priest! omg, kahawig ng tatay ng anak ko! muntik ko nang upakan! hahahha!

my favorite picture of the day! my crazy nieces and nephews including denise and vincent, all the way from vegas! vincent is hysterical!

okay, here comes the food!

omg this is the biggest roast beef i have ever seen! parang pinatong na lang yung buong baka!

and our family party usually ends with this 😦


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