exhausting 2009


my personal review of 2009…

first half of the year:

after 5 years, i was told by a church employer that they are cutting my hours and my benefits! wtf! yes, wtf reverend ass!

posted resume all over internet town! got two job offers within a week and accepted both! hahhaha! and had to painfully told one that i changed my mind!

unfortunately, i chose the wrong one! a non-profit that i strongly believe donated funds are being misused! so i quit after 3 months!

back to posting resume! less than three weeks, i was hired on the spot during a job interview; it started as part-time with no benefits but 6 months later, it’s full time with full benefits for me and francesca! within two months in the job, i got a full-time job offer with full benefits but after weighing the pros and cons, i chose to stay with my current employer…

moral lessons? education, knowledge, determination, perseverance, charm, wit  follow you for the rest of your life! and money, a higher salary are less important than your mental health!

second half of the year:

francesca finished high school with high notes; went to college at san jose state; living in a dorm…

empty nest syndrome every now and then

survived first year wedding anniversary :); clif is still standing but not necessarily smiling hahahha!

established a stronger family bond

reconnected with old friends even frienemies:)

heavy heart caused by jerks, evil, vindictive, deranged, hypocrite, people with hidden agendas, got lighter and lighter each day

our project pearls went into full gear; provided more smiles to more children

family back home was able to spend and enjoy the holiday season with open doors, windows, arms and hearts

moral lessons? life is too short; life is too precious; life is the people around you, good or bad; regardless if you are rich or poor, black or white, brown or yellow, everyone has only one life to live… live it to the fullest with a purpose, hopefully a Godly purpose….

asta la vista 2009 and hello there 2010!


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