cooking ng ina :)


i just want to list what’s cooking on my head… recipes, experiments i would like to try soon… i should stop doing desserts as i believe i have gained weight for tasting them all and sometimes finishing them all 🙂 …

fresh spring roll with cold noodles mixed with honey, sliced mangoes and strawberry, mint leaves – a giada recipe from food network

crab cakes topped with poached egg served on a bed of mixed greens with either citrus vinaigrette or hollandaise sauce – done and i served it with steamed asparagus instead. clif said it’s the best meal i have served so far 🙂

chicken yellow curry – one of francesca’s favorite thai food

mashed potato and cilantro wontons served with sweet and sour sauce – done; i just need to figure out how to make the center crispy… but they are delicious.

chicken tetrazzini – this reminds me of francesca’s grandma; she makes good tetrazzini!

mechado – omg! come to think of it, the people who i think make the best mechado are in heaven now! angge, ate and tita flora!

veggie lasagna rolls

hush puppies

beignet – i know, i know it’s a dessert but i love them!

veggie empanadas

veggie almond crostata

and many more…


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