gulong ng palad!


remember that philippine soap opera? what about flor de luna? well, i am proud to say that the scriptwriter for both soaps is our tita loy! Asian Journal did a featured article about her! it’s been years since i last saw tita loy – she’s the aunt of chona, my bff and sistah – sister of her late father… whenever i think of tita loy, i always have this image of her laughing hysterically either at her late brother, tito chito’s jokes or at her own jokes! I am just blessed to have known such sweet and genius woman!

Drama & Comedy Queen: Loida Flores Viriña

One of RP’s top scriptwriters of all time

The very core of the movie and TV industry is the story or the script. All films begin with the written word; that’s why, the scriptwriter has often been referred to as the genesis of the movie or TV show.

In the Philippines, some of the most acclaimed, highest-rated, longest-running, and addictive dramas and comedy shows on Philippine television are the masterpieces of multi-awarded scriptwriter, Loida Flores Viriña. She is the genius behind such legendary drama series as Gulong ng Palad, Flor de Luna, Ginang Milyonarya and primetime hit comedy shows Home Along Da Riles, Oki Doki Dok, Onli in da Pilipins, Baltic & Company, and Si Tatang Kasi.

Loida’s scripts are well-crafted stories of human relationships that inspire, motivate, touch, and move people. “May puso ang kanyang mga scripts,” described Linggit Tan, Vice President of ABS-CBN. “Loida’s stories were always filled with good values,” said Ben Aniceto, former station manager of ABS-CBN, which has been Loida’s home station for more than three decades.

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