saturday brunch with great friends!


i invited over my church office volunteers from the old church i used to work at… i love these people! they are always genuinely caring, kind and sweet to me! they are my biggest fans!

gwynn, the only guy in the group is 82 years old! and he still drives, still works and practices medicine! bless his heart!

francesca playing piano for them; they were all impressed and i am a proud mommy 🙂

the table setting – i love love my new table cloth- clif said the color doesn’t go with our house but i made it work!

they were raving about the parmesan crisp i put on top of their spinach salad and were asking for recipe! it’s so easy just sprinkle shredded parmesan cheese on parchment paper, put on cookie sheet, bake on 350 until golden brown and when it cools down, it will be crispy.

asparagus, tomato & fontina cheese frittata; i made crab cakes too with dill mayo and champagne mustard served with bearnaise sauce

jalapeno corn bread

pecan tarts

Crème brûlée; my torch didn’t work very well so i just put them in the broiler to caramelize the sugar…

momo – just chillin’ under the table 🙂

thank you gwynn, sally, jean, chris, brigitte and julie for all the love all these years! love you all!


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