restaurant review: intramuros


the intramuros restaurant bar in san bruno… i love love love love the ambiance, the food, the cleanliness, service; i would definitely go back…

here’s what we had:

coconut rice which smells very coconut! i love that they put toasted coconut… but i think it’s a little too sweet for me.

chicken tinola verde – i like that they used boneless, skinless chicken breast; i like that the soup turns green, not sure if that is from the spinach or the green papaya, probably both! i love this soup a lot!

bangus sisig; this is very good also and they put bits of jalapeno peppers on the side but if you mix it with the fish, it tastes even better!

bibingka souffle – which i love love love love! it’s very clever! it’s more souffle than bibingka and i think the sliced of itlog na maalat is not needed as i don’t think the saltiness goes with the lightness of the souffle.

hahhaha! clif and i just love this! we can’t get enough!


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