i am anti-valentine’s day date until today


we went to yountville for a lunch date at bottega, chef micahel chiarello’s restaurant and the food was amazing and i thought the price is reasonable for the great food and good service… here’s what we had:

Monterey calamari, crisped with Arborio rice flour, aioli nero; we love these calamari – perfectly seasoned, breaded and fried; and i have no clue what is that  aioli nero dip; doesn’t really taste anything…

Sautéed Sole alla Vendemmia grapes & rosemary browned butter fingerling potato purée – omg, i love the potato purée and the sole!!!

Spaghetti alla Chitarra with White Gulf Prawns imported Chitarra cut spaghetti, head-on prawns, tomato-fennel broth with basil and tarragon – the best and tastiest prawns i ever had!

house bread and this insanely delicious dip

i love how they serve water and iced tea – the iced tea comes with a simple syrup in a small, cute carafe and they serve water in this copper tumblers…

i asked clif to order these tumblers as my valentine’s day gift 🙂

Chef Michael: “I chose these tumblers for Bottega for their easy, hourglass shape (which fits perfectly in hand), and for the way they keep drinks cool longer. Hand hammering the copper gives it unique texture, improves its strength and beautifies the patina. What’s more, copper is naturally antimicrobial, which ensures very “clean” cups for life. Insides are stainless-steel. Hand wash. Imported. 4¾” high; 12 oz.”

then of course we went to napa style store after lunch – yes, it’s owned by chef michael too!

those orange slabs? they are himalayan salt!

i love love love these bottles –  you bottle your own olive oil!

these are the olive oil – love love love!

as corny as it sounds, happy valentine’s people!


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