sights at mavericks surf contest


we went to half moon bay to see the mavericks surf contest but like the other hundreds of people who were there, i didn’t see a single mavericks surfer! the event lacks some organization and coordination; almost everyone who came has no clue where the surfers are; people walked, hiked in different directions!  but still, it’s fun!

francesca, arlo, byrn and joji – confused as where to go; as to where the best spot is…

the white people – clif and byrn 🙂 figuring out where to go!

she’s a weird child hahahha!

clif on the cliff hehehehe!

got bored so i took a vain shot 🙂

we went to this spot too but still we can’t see any surfers!


where it all happened…

below are pictures from…

the waves got so dangerously high for spectators who got lucky and unlucky to be close to the action!

after mavericks, we went to pacifica for lunch and watched these crazy waves!


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