my zen/kikay room!


yay! this spare room we have used to be our office/guest room, then it became tris’ room, now it’s my zen/kikay room! a place where i can just read, blog, pray, chill out in peace and a place where i can put on my make-up without clif saying “that’s enough!” hahahha! i don’t think i wear that too much make-up! I just put a lot of different stuff on my face! eye serum, face cream, powder, blush, lip balm, eye liner, eye brow gel, mascara…

anyway, i love love love my new room… it just needs more ambiance stuff to make it more warm and homey!

i still have to clean and organize that bookshelf! of course, there are buddhas around the room 🙂

so i used some of my many cake stands 🙂 to hold my kikay stuff!

my main make-up is bare minerals; i have few perfume, okay, many perfume but some of them are almost empty 😉 don’t judge!


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