street food: san francisco vs. manila


with this depressing economy and people losing their jobs, people are getting creative and smart about making ends meet; a lot resort to putting up their own food cart that they roll into the street and tweets their locations!

here are few street food vendors in san francisco:

my favorite: creme brulee cart!

adobo hobo!

sexy soup cart! really?

bacon-wrapped hotdog

amuse bouche? sosyal!

growing up in the philippines, street food is nothing new! they are at every street corner and even at unusual places – cemetery, under the bridge, by the train racks, church parking lot, etc… no license is needed; no food health department regulations! as a bonus, you may get flies on your food or drink 🙂 !

sa malamig!


dirty ice cream! i love!

yay! banana que and kamote que!

ice candy!

inihaw na mais


indian mango

fish balls, squid balls and one-day old chick! omg! why!!!

no match? or no comparison? it’s a culture thing!!!
thanks again sidney 🙂 for sharing your great pics !


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