no, it’s not the umbrella, ella, ella…


it seems like we are having the four seasons in a week! sunny and summer-like just few days ago; then yesterday was stormy; today was freezing cold; what’s tomorrow sunny day and cool night like fall?

but would it be cool if you have these umbrellas when it’s raining and storming?

star wars lightsaber

handbag umbrella

my favorite: internet umbrella!

Pileus is an interactive medium of an umbrella to make rainy days fun! Pileus has a big screen on its inside surface, and a camera and embedded sensors on its grip. Then it provides natural embodied interaction with web services to make city walking more interactive.
The current prototype has two main functions: photo-sharing and 3D map navigation. The photo-sharing function is connected to Flickr, then a user can share their finding (e.g. new shops, beautiful scenes) in a city with his/her friends taking a picture by the camera. The screen also shows beautiful photo-streams retrieved from shared-pictures in a Flickr community. The photo-function is operated by a simple action on the umbrella with a motion sensor without any complicated operations. Source


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