by fate, i didn’t grow up with my mother or a mother for that matter… but i was raised by great five half-sisters 🙂

but ninang as we all call her has been my stand-in mom; no words can express my love and gratefulness for her unconditional love to me and nonoy…
she’s the best mom one could have! HAPPY MOM’S DAY, NINANG!!!

and for my late biological mom, i still honor you as a mother… you made the most painful decision of giving me up but i could honestly say, you made the right decision otherwise, i won’t have what i have and who i have now in my life!  it took me years to find you but it’s worth the wait! our chismosas kapitbahays are right, we are magkamukha! and what is funny is that we have the same sense of humor!

I believe that one doesn’t need to give birth to be a mom; one doesn’t need to be a woman to be a mom; if you are a  naturally or  unconditionally caring, nurturing, loving person, you are a mom in my book! 


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