Project PEARLS’ Pasa LOVE


This is Project PEARLS’ way of sharing our blessings; our own PASA LOVE to our new friends who want to make a difference in the Philippines… THANK YOU GUYS!!! Please watch the video in its entirety…

Pasa Love’s Israel Tarlit and friends and volunteers are my kindred spirits!  These great people, without any political motives, cleaned-up their local school that was used for the past election in the Philippines. They did because in their hearts, that’s the right thing to do… please check their story here.

Excerpt from their story:
PASA LOVE is a ministry of our church, Full Life Baptist Fellowship,  that does random acts of kindness in our community because we believe that our church should be involved.  We’re not supposed to be a bunch of people who simply gathers on Sundays and hear from God and then go out on our own way.   What we desire is to have the presence of God in the community.  That won’t happen by preaching all over the streets.  We believe that the best way to have the presence of God in our community is to do acts of kindness. There is something about kindness that reflects the very nature of God.  I’ve long given up on preaching to reach a lost world (but i still use it because it has a purpose),  but i believe that the best way to reach this world is through kindness and service.


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