Reblogging Geraldine Veras: Empty Suitcase Project

Geraldine has been helping in spreading the word about Project PEARLS; she’s been working hard to provide school supplies to our underprivileged children in the Philippines… I couldn’t thank her enough. 

Her blog: 

In T-minus seven days, I will be coming back to the Philippines for the first time in four years.

Excitement is an understatement.

I have grown and became more aware with the world around me within the four year gap. My ambition to change the world one step at a time has also grown. In Pure Imagination’s last core meeting today, I have realized through our ‘check outs’ that PCN has planted seeds in our hearts for us to grow and continue helping our community outside of Skyline. 

Okay, what I’ve been gradually trying to say is that I’m not done with Project Pearls.

I want to ask you, reader, if you would help me do a last minute project before I leave?

*I will be carrying an empty suitcase with me for the next seven days. All I ask of you is to help me fill the empty suitcase with school supplies. My goal is to collect supplies for the 200 children back in Bulacan, Philippines. PCN has collected a fair amount of school supplies during our two shows but I know we are capable of giving a little bit more before the children’s school year begins.

The last day I will be collecting school supplies is next Tuesday night, May 25, 2010. 

What you can give is limitless and no donation is too small. Please help me spread the word with this empty suitcase project and hunt me down.

Thank you for your time! Please help me spread the word!

-Geraldine Veras

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