“To all the I-had-no-daddy-around kids, Happy I’m-successful-without-a-daddy Day!”


I am quoting my Francesca 🙂 … as I declared that today is Francesca Villa Mateo Day, we spent most of the day in Japantown!

but of course, we have to do the sticker picture photo booth from Japan!

chai having tea at new people’s cafe

new people stores – expensive!!!

with her “stop! it’s hammer time” pants 🙂

it’s a must that i buy and eat taiyaki whenever we go japan town! it’s fish-shaped waffles with red bean inside 🙂

happy hour at genki ramen!

shrimp and veggie tempura donburi, gyoza, chicken karaage ramen

love love the chairs!

we ended our day with genki crepe with vanilla ice cream and nutella!

she will always be my crazy baby! happy francesca villa mateo, francesca villa… ok, mateo! hahahha! love you!


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