the other side of me!!!


I would say this is my serious, professional side …  bloggera is my silly, crazy side and Project PEARLS is my philanthropic side 🙂

As seen at my work’s website:

Melissa Villa
Parish Administrator, St. Luke’s Church

Melissa brings with her 15 years of administrative experience mostly in non-profit organizations.  She holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Global Management.  Prior to St. Luke’s, she has worked for 4 years as the office administrator at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Burlingame, CA.

She serves as the Parish Administrator and Bookkeeper for St. Luke’s. Responsible for all communications functions, including: editor of the parish newsletter, webmaster, publishes weekly service bulletins, generates weekly e-news. Melissa also serves as primary “banking” manager, responsible for all banking functions, payroll, accounts payable, pledge receipts, memorial gift receipts and acknowledgements, regular reporting to the Treasurer and confidential record keeping for all donors.


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