Bloggera Hiatus Part Deux


I have to take another bloggera hiatus !  Life is amazingly crazy! I have four full-time jobs – yes, FOUR full time as in four jobs a day, almost 24/7. 

I have my regular full-time job as church office administrator; I work with Project PEARLS around the clock; I am a full-time wife and full-time mom… not to mention I have occassional catering and event planning gigs. And yeah, we moved to a new home just last week!

With less than 5 hours of sleep on a given night, with migraine attacks every now and then, and unintentional starvation, I have to take a bloggera break before I completely go insane and drive people around me insane.

I am just an email, text, facebook away people!!! And if you have more time than I do, please volunteer at Project PEARLS.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all! How could I ??? I am so blessed!  Just look at my new work space in our new home, it is priceless!


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