I was born and raised in the Philippines; but half of my life, I have been living in San Francisco Bay Area.

I have been blogging for almost two years now…

I blog because blogging:

gives me comfort

keeps my brain busy and stimulated

relieves my stress

is entertaining to me

cheaper than shopping

cheaper than therapy

is inspiring

keeps me on track and organized

connects me to family and friends, even strangers

gives me a platform to express love love love and hate hate hate šŸ™‚

i blog because i am a chismosa, intrigera, basagulera… and bloggera!

i love, i dream, i share, i cook, i bake, i party, i laugh, i cry, i shop, i shop, i shop, i wish, i run, i breathe, i fight, i cry, i create, i pray, i decorate, i blog, blog, blog and i blog for more…

And please support our humble mission: Project PEARLS


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