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ambiance therapy!!!


luncheon for clif’s birthday … getting together is about people and not food, but it’s also about AMBIANCE 🙂

mini fruit tarts

my version of s’mores 🙂 so chewy and so good!

you can’t go wrong with great cheese and crackers

prosciutto and melon balls

my favorite: it’s just pita bread with pesto hummus, red bell pepper and green onions


9 by design! love love love!


this is my top most favorite tv show, hands down!  not only that i am in awe with their original, unique and brilliant vision and taste, i am way amazed how husband and wife, Robert and Courtney and their seven young children function with so much love and respect and humor in the midst of chaos that comes with a big family.  there are so much to learn from each of them, specially from courtney; i can kinda relate how she wants get her vision done as soon as possible before she can fully function in peace and contentment…

Excerpt from Meet husband and wife design team Bob and Cortney Novogratz, owners of the NYC based design firm, Sixx Design, and stars of Bravo’s newest docu-series “9 by Design.” For more than a decade, this young, hip and artsy couple have developed and designed unique properties in Manhattan, rebuilt entire blocks in the city, and turned funky into fabulous with taste and confidence.

no, it’s not the umbrella, ella, ella…


it seems like we are having the four seasons in a week! sunny and summer-like just few days ago; then yesterday was stormy; today was freezing cold; what’s tomorrow sunny day and cool night like fall?

but would it be cool if you have these umbrellas when it’s raining and storming?

star wars lightsaber

handbag umbrella

my favorite: internet umbrella!

Pileus is an interactive medium of an umbrella to make rainy days fun! Pileus has a big screen on its inside surface, and a camera and embedded sensors on its grip. Then it provides natural embodied interaction with web services to make city walking more interactive.
The current prototype has two main functions: photo-sharing and 3D map navigation. The photo-sharing function is connected to Flickr, then a user can share their finding (e.g. new shops, beautiful scenes) in a city with his/her friends taking a picture by the camera. The screen also shows beautiful photo-streams retrieved from shared-pictures in a Flickr community. The photo-function is operated by a simple action on the umbrella with a motion sensor without any complicated operations. Source

my zen/kikay room!


yay! this spare room we have used to be our office/guest room, then it became tris’ room, now it’s my zen/kikay room! a place where i can just read, blog, pray, chill out in peace and a place where i can put on my make-up without clif saying “that’s enough!” hahahha! i don’t think i wear that too much make-up! I just put a lot of different stuff on my face! eye serum, face cream, powder, blush, lip balm, eye liner, eye brow gel, mascara…

anyway, i love love love my new room… it just needs more ambiance stuff to make it more warm and homey!

i still have to clean and organize that bookshelf! of course, there are buddhas around the room 🙂

so i used some of my many cake stands 🙂 to hold my kikay stuff!

my main make-up is bare minerals; i have few perfume, okay, many perfume but some of them are almost empty 😉 don’t judge!